Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The Undead

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The Undead

The Undead Ch1: A scary Fairytale

This is a vampire fanfic, and would advice you not to read if you cannot watch or read that stuff. This story is like my other story, in the past, and ya… Enjoy! ;D

A long time ago my grandmother told me a fairy tale. People claimed it not to be meant for children, and I knew why. Once my grandma shared me this story, I couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t help but get out of bed and look around for any creatures lurking in the dark. Sadly, every time I did, I found nothing which only made it worse.

Here’s how the story went:

I walked outside, and as a six year old, I was frightened from shadows of the night. I glanced around nervously, with my dark blue eyes, and surveyed my surroundings. My pitch black long curly hair was down to my back. It wasn’t too long, you just wouldn’t consider it to be short.

“Grandma?” I called out, wishing to hear her old, welcoming voice that always calmed my nerves.

“In here, child.” She called, from a few feet away. I walked forth, blinded by the darkness and entered the clearing of our houses backyard. There, she sat, right by the campfire and she was staring into the flames; almost hypnotized looking.


I ran to her and hugged her for dear life . She softly stroked my soft hair with her leathery ones. Her pale old woman’s hands usually frightened me, but this time, they comforted me. We looked a lot alike. She, too, had pitch black hair that was long. The only thing was hers was really long. About twice as long as mine. She was petite and seemed to grow shorter. I was average height. She had the same blue eyes, but hers were lighter.

She chuckled into my little ear, “Were you scared, little one?” I quickly nodded. “Would you like to hear a story from your grandma Flossi?”

I smiled and nodded. I walked around the large fire and onto the other side. I sat down, cross legged on the soft grass and waited for her to tell me it.

She cleared her throat, and began:

Long ago, when the trees and dirt were first formed, once animals first began, and once the water first flowed in our vast ocean, they came. They were a small group that was isolated from all the other living things. All the living things were afraid of this group, for they thirsted on something they had.


They would get lustful for blood, and go on a rampage, such as sharks. Whenever they caught the sight of this red liquid, they would go crazy. It was never their fault, for it was merely their was of surviving.

The group named themselves vampires. They could not come out during the sunrise for they would shrivel up and burn to hell. However, they always came out at night while the moon was highest in the night sky. That is why people call them creatures of the night. Their smell was ten times greater than a dog’s, so what they hated the most, second to the sun, was garlic. That was like poison to their sensitive noses. If you had garlic even a mile away from one, they would flee.

If you ask some people, they claim that this group ended up getting slaughtered my the town next door for they sucked some residents to the bone. But I believe, they are still living even today. I believe they lurk in the night, but only pray on animals from fear of getting assassinated. But do not be afraid, granddaughter, for they usually do not bother humans any longer.”

I stared at her in horror. Creatures that sucked peoples blood?! That was very frightening to a child’s mind.

“Mother!” We both looked up and winced when we were caught. My mother stood there, hands on hips, and glared at the two of us. “Mom, do you know what time it is?”

“Of coarse, Savannah, it’s a full moon.”

Mother rolled her blue eyes. “No! It’s past Luchia’s bedtime. And I don’t feel comfortable with you telling her those disgusting storied, even if they are a myth.” Grandma gave me a secret wink. “Look at her! She will never sleep tonight, thank you mother!” Mom sighed, distressed over something.

“Savannah, kids need to know”

“Know what, mother?” My mom hissed, her eyes flashing. “About vampires? No thank you! She’s six! You told me this story when I was 12 years old and I still had nightmares! THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES!!!”

Grandma gasped softly and looked down. She looked…Disappointed a bit. Her blue eyes lost some of their sparkled, and my little heart dropped at the sad sight.

“Lets go, Luchia.” My mother told me softly, and grabbed my hand. When we walked away, I felt as if something died within me…

For that night was the night my grandmother passed away..

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