Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The Undead Three

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The Undead Three

The Undead Ch3: The meeting

One night, once I was with that group for about a year, I took a walk. We were in a port and were staying at this hotel. I dressed in my white night gown and just walked, enjoying the night air.

I looked up at the moon to realize it was a full one. It was high in the sky and looked beautiful and eerie at the same time. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself to keep me warm.

A gust of wind ruffled my hair, and gave my pale arms goose bumps. I pursed my lips and continued walking.

But that’s when I heard it.


The soft kind, as if they were trying to sneak up on you. Like they were trying to scare you, trying not to make a noise if possible.

I looked around and my grandmothers voice rang in my ears:

They lurked in the darkness when the moon was the highest in the dark sky,”

I shook that thought away. That was a fairytale; a myth. It was just some person doing what I was doing. A person going on a simple walk. Simple.

But that’s when I heard his voice, “Are you cold?” It was quiet, yet scary. It seemed to fit the silence and it gave me a shiver. His voice seemed to carry to me by a gust of wind, yet I saw noeone.

“Where are you?” I demand, trying to sound confident, but my voice came out shivering.

I heard him laugh.

“Right here,” I turned by head to the right, but saw yet again, nothing. “Or, here.” I looked in the opposite direction but saw nothing.

“Stop playing games,” I mutter, rolling my eyes. When I was done, I heard him laughing again.

“You interest me, girl.” It rasped, and I grew frightened. “Here.” I turned around and saw him.

I almost gasped. He was gorgeous. He had black hair that was shaggy looking, but nonetheless very handsome. He had a scar running down his right eye that added to his profile.

“Really?” I gulped, getting dizzy from his sight. He was so beautiful I didn’t think he was human.

“Of coarse,” He smirked, stalking towards me slowly. “Many girls interest me, but none have like you.”

Without thinking, I turned and ran as fast as my legs would take me. I could hear his laugh from me running, and soon, realized he was too running after me. He was…Fast… Like inhuman fast.

“Fool,” He grabbed me, pressing me against his body. “How dare you even think about running from me! I have chosen you as my new pet!” He laughed as I struggled to get out of his vice like grip.

“Do you actually think you can escape me?” He asked, his mouth right next to my ear. I froze, my heart fluttering violently. “Do you even know what I am, pet?”

I swallowed, knowing fully well that he wanted me to answer. “Yes. Your a vampire.”

He laughed again, and he nuzzled the back of my neck. His breath was on my back, and he tenderly kissed it. I held back a moan. “Please,”

He stopped and lifted his head. “Please what?”

“Leave me be.”

He growled, and bit into my back and I shrieked. I could feel his sharp, jagged teeth burying into my soft, tender skin. I felt him suck some of my blood out with it, and I froze. If I moved, I might lose too much blood.

“Never talk to your master like that,” He mumbled, as he licked away the remaining blood. “You may ask, but never demand. That’s only for me, love.”

I closed my eyes, wondering if this was just a nightmare or something. This can’t be happening!

“Sorry, love, but this is real.”

My eyes widened. How did he?

“Yes. I can read your mind. Your actually quite easy, even if I couldn’t I might be able to tell what your thinking. So I would advice you to keep your thoughts to yourself,” He laughed, like that was some private joke.

That’s hilarious.

He growled and his laughing ceased.

“Return to your humans, and tomorrow I will come to retrieve you my pet. Do not forget, or I will find you. Make it easier for yourself,” He gave my back one last kiss, then disappeared with a gust of wind.

I just stood there, and broke down, sobbing.

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