Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: zuko’s mistress

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: zuko’s mistress

In the years fallowing Sozin’s Comet all of the members of the gang had drifted off to start new war free lives. Toph had gone home and worked things out with her parents. Sukki, Tylee and the other Kyoshi warriors had return to Kyoshi Island and for a while Sokka had joined them. However it was not long before he had to return to attend to his duties in the South Pole. Sukki had retired and joined Sokka not long after that. Zuko, who had of course become the Fire Lord, married Mai. Aang as Avatar had traveled the world with Katara by his side.

Katara had loved traveling with Aang but after a while she had grown tired of it and had decided to settle down somewhere and wait for him to finish sewing is wild oats. She knew he would, in time, return to her.

For a while she considered going home but had decided ageist it. It was cold there, and a long way for Aang to travel to see her. Many more places were considered before she decided on the Fire Nation. Zuko was there, they got along well, and she could work as an ambassador for the Southern Water Tribe.

The night before, she had left Aang and traveled on alone to the Fire Nation’s Capitol. Arriving in the morning she had been greeted warmly by both Zuko and Mai. She was shown around the palace before being taken to her rooms and aloud to rest. In the evening she was shown to a dining room in the royal apartment complex. There she found Zuko and Mai waiting for her in the richly furnished room. They ate, and drank as they talked over of old time and new adventures.

After the food had gone and the servants sent away, they still drank. Over the years both Katara and Zuko had learn to be world class drinkers, drinking many people they knew, including their respective lovers, under the table. They had polished off three bottles of fire whiskey and where well on their way to finishing off a fourth. Around bottle two, Mai not wanting to get stumbling drunk, and knowing that the pair would still be talking and drinking when the sun came up the next day, had excused herself and headed for bed, leaving Katara and Zuko to drink and laugh along.

“I promise you. Sokka had the whole thing in his month.” Katara laughed as she poured more liquor in to their glasses.

Zuko took a drink from his renewed glass. “I’m sorry I just don’t believe you.”

“It’s true,” Katara straightened up and acted proud, “We of Water Tribe have big mouths, we can fit a lot in there.” With that both fell back in to load laughter.

“You will have to show me that some time.”

“Anytime you want.” Katara giggled as Zuko poured them more to drink. “I have lots I could show you.” She said trying to make a seductive face but giggling all the way through.

“I doubt there is anything you can show that I have seen before.” Zuko said is his most superior voice teasing her.

“Oh yeah?”


“How about this?” With that Katara pulled herself on to her knees and opening the collar of her robes bearing her breast with a bit of a drunken wobble. For a small second Zuko was shocked to see the breast in front of him. He recovered before Katara could see this slip.

“Nope see them before.” It was a bold face lied but being drunk nether notes the signs of a lie.

“What? No you haven’t.” She said tucking the globes back in to their hiding place.

“We lived together for a long time while I trained Aang. I got to see a lot of things.”

Katara was shocked. Her long time friend had seen her naked or at least her boobs and she had never known. In the end she had to laugh at it all. She should have known that he and probably Aang too, had seen her. Outside of Toph she was the only girl traveling and living with a group of teenage boys. Someone at some point had to have taken a peek at her.

“So which do you like better? Then or now?” Deciding, in her drunken state, to carry on in this new direction.

“Well I don’t know. I only got a quick look a minute ago and I had lot of time to look at them back then.” He said with a devilish grin on his face. He was going to play this for all it was worth. In the morning he could blame it on the drink and beg both Mai and Katara’s forgiveness, and still get a free show.

“Oh well in the case.” Katara moved a little closer to him and once again pulled open her robes exposing her pert beast. Zuko considered them. They were nice looking. Not too small and not too large, fitting Katara very nicely.

He had to chuckle at her hard nipples. He reached his finger out to her right nipple and swiped it downward causing Katara’s breast to jiggle a little. Zuko smiled at her. “These are better.”

“Good to know.” For a few minute they just stared at each other and chuckled. Then for no reason that Katara could remember later, she leaned over, slid her hand up in to Zuko’s long black hair and pulled him in to a kiss. The kiss was long and passionate and fast moving. A game of tag with their tongue, darting in and out of their mouths as hands pulled the other closer.

Without breaking their chain of kisses Katara’s hands slid down Zuko’s neck and on to his chest and pulled open his robes. Zuko took this as his invite to move forward. He pulled her robe off her shoulders as he kisses down her neck. He hands ran up her back on their return to her shoulders. He gently pulled her back and kissed the base of her neck causing a gasp escape Katara’s breathless lips.

Katara trying to get closer to Zuko and his wonderful kisses, she crawled in to his lap. With a fury he helped her to free her arms from the top of her robes and she did the same for him. With that out of the way Zuko returned to kissing Katara’s neck. He moved his hand to her breast rubbing the soft mound, filling the hard nipple in his palm. Katara started to moan and rock her body, at his touch. He continued to move his had around the soft flesh of her breast. He grabbed the nipple and gave it a pinch making Katara squeal.

His lips found their way down to her left breast. He flicked her nipple with his tongue before taking it in his mouth. Katara squealed again and wrapped her hand into his hair, throwing her head back every time he nipped her sensitive skin. She could feel herself getting wet as Zuko played with her.

“By the Gods.”

Lust leading her, Katara moved her hands down Zuko’s chest to the scar that Azula gave him. It was rough under her dancing finders. It felt like the scar his face boar. In one quick motion she pushed Zuko flat on to his back, way from his fun. All he could do was look up at her as she worked to remove the last of her clothes before going to work on his. The dim light of the lamps cast a yellow glow on to her olive skin, highlighting the soft curves of her toned body.

When she was done removing the cloths she put her small hands on his thighs and very deliberately moved up to his firm penis. Her tongue dance behind her lips at the thought of the shaft in her hand. She let her hand explore the object held within them, before she allowed her mouth to make contact. She ran her tongue up the member a few times before she wrapped her month around the tip, where she slowly started to suck on the salty skin. Zuko laid his head back ageist the pillows. Within minutes she had almost all of him in her mouth showing him the Water Tribe woman did in fact have big mouths and could fit a lot in there.

She was driving him crazy. How could any one person be this good at this? Working her mouth up and down, she willed Zuko to cum. She moving faster and faster till Zuko’s hand found her head just as he could no longer hold back. He came right into her month. She didn’t stop instead taking all he had to give, before returning to working.

Zuko couldn’t hold back any more he had to have her, to feel what her other lips had to offer him. He pulled her off of his manhood and up to meet him. He kissed her as he lifted her up and flop her down on to the spot where his body had just been. He could see she was ready to go. The juices where flowing out of her inviting him to enter. He ran his fingers up her lower lips catching some of the liquid and brought it to his mouth for a taste. The taste of her was intoxicating. The site of Zuko taking pleasure in her fluids had turned her on in a whole new way. She could have cum right there.

Breathing hard he steadied his hand and moved his throbbing shaft into her welcoming orifice. Zuko started out slow, small shallow trust in then out again, as if he was making love to a virgin and not having sex with a seasoned pro. However her hips and hands told him this was hard, wild, and crazy sex.

Zuko didn’t need to be told twice. He slammed in to Katara, putting the fullness of his body in to her. As he entered her, Katara moved to meet him. She bit her lip and dug her fingers in to the pillows around her trying not to scream and wake the palace. He began to pump his hips in to her harder and faster and she in turn dug her nails in to her back as she came closer and closer to a release with each motion.

“Yes. Oh Gods, yes.”

Without losing his rhythm Zuko’s arms wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in to his lap. Her legs wrapped around his hip and her arms around his neck. She moaned in to his ear. He could get more of himself in to her in this position, something he could tell she was enjoying. Using his thighs to lift her up, he thrust in to her again and again with an ever growing fever. Breathing was becoming more raged and shallow with ever thrust.

“Oh gods.”

Sweat was pouring of them, making liquid smacks with every motion they made. Zuko was very close to coming when Katara’s own climax took Zuko to his. As she came Katara through her head back and violently thrust her hips down taking in all of Zuko, at the same time her pussy tightened around Zuko’s cock. It was just the shock he need to send him over the edge. He thrust in to her a few time for fun and watched has Katara was send in to another orgasm. The pair clung to each other as the waves of bliss washed over them, sweat dripping off their naked bodies.

After what seemed like hours and not minutes the fog lifted from Katara’s mind, and her breathing returned to a normal rhythm. She was still in Zuko’s lap with his arms around her. She ran her hands in to his long damp hair and looked in to his amber eyes.


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