Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter Seven: An Old Friend

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter Seven: An Old Friend

Sokka and Katara were incredibly excited after having run into Bato. Earlier that night he had appeared near a stranded boat they had found and the reunion had been a joyous one. Now they were lounging in Batos sleeping quarters at the nearby Abbey after a traditional Southern Water Tribe dinner and were sharing memories, joking around, and generally enjoying one anothers company. Aang had wandered off some time before, but they knew he would be safe. He was probably just playing some game to amuse himself. Sokka was very excited about seeing Bato; here was another warrior from the Southern Water Tribe, just like himself, and also a friend of his fathers. In a way, Bato felt like family. Katara was also excited about being around Bato, but for a completely different reason. As the Slut of the South, Katara had fucked around with just about every member of her tribe, and Bato had been one of her favorites. Having him around again was making her very horny for some action and she hoped she could find some time alone with him soon.

The three friends lounged around, chatting, for another half hour when Sokka announced that he was growing very tired. I think Im going to go to bed, he said. Sokka stood up and stretched, yawning. Good night, you guys, he said and walked out. Good night, Katara and Bato called after him in unison. Katara began to get excited. This was the opportunity she had been waiting for. Well, Katara, Bato was saying, it certainly is good to see you again. His eyes were raking up and down her slender, fit body. Its good to see you too, Bato, Katara said, Ive missed the fun we had. Bato winked at her. Not half as much as Ive missed it, Katara, he said, Ive been stuck with warriors and then nuns for months. Katara laughed. Well, Im not a nun, she said suggestively, you can do whatever you like to me. She winked back at him. The sexual tension was heavy in the air. They sat staring at each other for almost a full minute, the tension building. Then Katara pounced.

Katara threw herself onto Bato, knocking him backward onto the ground, and kissed him fiercely. Her tongue darted into his mouth and he responded instantly, kissing her back with passion. His hands were already roaming all over her body, exploring the curves of her hips and ass. Ive needed this for a long time, Bato whispered. As a reply Katara simply ripped off his shirt and began to kiss down his neck and chest, exploring his body. When she reached his waist she kissed around the hem of his pants and grabbed his manhood through the material, massaging it lightly. When she could feel it was fully erect she tore off his pants, his full nine inches leaping out and almost slapping her in the face. Katara wasted no time. She grabbed Batos hard cock and held it straight, then with one massive plunge she took him all in, deepthroating him at once. Fuck, Bato said through clenched teeth. Katara began to slide her mouth up and down Batos shaft, massaging his balls with one hand and gripping the base of his cock with the other. Bato placed his hands on the back of her head and began to thrust his hips into her face. Yeah, suck my cock, baby, he whispered, suck it good. Katara moaned around her mouthful of dick. She loved giving men blowjobs and she was enjoying herself immensely. She could feel her underwear growing wet from her horny pussy. As her head bobbed up and down on Batos prick she began to undress herself. She removed her robes and then her underwear while still sucking Batos cock. When she was fully naked she reached down and stuck two fingers in her own pussy, working herself up for Batos rod. She continued to frig herself while she slurped and licked all over Batos nine inches. Uuuuuunh, Bato was moaning, Uuuuunh, yeah.

By now Katara was so turned on and ready for Batos dick that she didnt even care to have her pussy eaten by him. She just wanted that cock in her and she wanted it now. She lifted her head off of Batos now glistening shaft and climbed up over him, straddling him. She lowered herself onto his nine inches slowly, moaning as she did so. Uuuuuuuunh, she sighed, Your cock feels so good, Bato. When his rod was fully buried inside her she lifted herself up again and started to bounce up and down on him. Bato grabbed her hips and began to buck his hips up into her, thrusting his dick into her soaking twat. Fuck yeah, Katara moaned, fuck me, uuuuuunh. Bato began to thrust harder, his balls slapping against Kataras ass as her fucked her with glee. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Kataras pussy muscles gripping his dick, massaging it at every thrust. They were really starting to get into it, really pounding away when the unexpected happened.

Without any warning, Aang strolled through the entrance. Hey Bato, do you know where Aang started to say but dropped off mid-sentence, his eyes widening and his jaw dropping. He stood staring at Katara bouncing on Batos big dick, getting the fucking she wanted. Hey, Aang, grunted Bato, not stopping his assault on Kataras pussy. Katara looked at Aang with fire in her eyes, greeting him between moans of pleasure, Uuuunh, hi Aang, uuuuuunh! Aang stood there for a second, wondering whether he should stay or go. But he couldnt ignore the stirring in his pants. He made a decision. Tearing off his clothes he leapt over to Katara, his dick springing to attention. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, muffling a moan escaping her lips. Uuuuunhmmf! He stood there, holding her head and began to thrust his hips in sync with Bato, fucking her face while Bato fucked her cunt. Katara responded immediately, sucking and slurping at Aangs rod as he fucked her mouth with it. Mmmmmmm, she moaned with a face full of dick, mmmmmmm! She reached down and began to rub her clit with her hand as Bato pounded away at her pussy. Bato and Aang were both moaning and grunting. Uuuunh, yeah Katara, said Aang, suck it, bitch!

After a few minutes Aang unearthed his seven inches from Kataras throat and moved behind her. He pushed her over so she was lying against Batos body, whose cock was still slamming up into her pussy. Katara leaned over and her breasts smothered Batos face. He immediately began to lick her nipples and nibble at them lightly while her fucked her. Aang knelt down, inches from Batos flashing cock and shoved his tongue into Kataras asshole. UUUUUNH! Katara moaned in appreciation. Aang began to lube up her rosebud with his tongue, thrusting it in an out of the tight hole and licking around it. He inserted two fingers in her ass and began to finger fuck it. Uuuuunh, yes, Katara sighed. When she was ready Aang stood up and placed his dick against her asshole. Yes, fuck my ass! Katara begged, Double fuck me, you studs! With one mighty heave Aang buried his cock in her tight butthole and began to fuck it vigorously. He matched the speed and intensity of Batos thrusts, working in rhythm with him. Katara was in a state of ecstasy and almost immediately burst into an orgasm, flooding Batos dick with her pussy juices. FUCK! she screamed, Yes! Im fucking coming! UUUUUUUNH! As Bato and Aang double fucked her she was sent into a cycle of repeating orgasms. She was constantly moaning and begging for more. Uuuuuuunh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME! she moaned over and over. Im fucking coming again, uuuuuunh! she managed to say at least three times.

Aang could feel his own orgasm building up in his balls. Bato, with more experience, had held back for this entire time. Aang picked up his pace, fucking Kataras asshole harder and harder, faster and faster. Im going to come, Katara! he shouted, Im going to fucking come! Katara moaned excitedly. Uuuuunh, come in my ass, Aang, she whimpered, shoot your come into my tight asshole, baby! Aang thrust faster and faster until he finally came, exploding into her and sending three spurts of hot come into her butthole. Im coming! he yelled. Fuck yes! shouted Katara, it feels so good in my ass! Uuuunh! When Aangs orgasm ended he pulled his dick out of Kataras asshole with a plop. Bato was still fucking her pussy raw. Yeah, fuck it, Bato! Fuck my pussy! Katara was moaning. Eventually Bato cried out, Get on your knees, Katara! Katara clambered off of his dick and knelt in front of him, massaging his balls as he jacked himself toward his own orgasm. You ready for my come, slut? he said. Katara cooed up at him, Mmmmmm, yes. Come on my face, Bato. Come for me. Bato lasted for another ten seconds before with one grunt and a cry of Fuck yeah! he erupted, shooting five massive waves of thick cream splashing onto Kataras face and into her open mouth. The white of Batos come set against the tan of Kataras face added a nice touch as she licked the come off her face. Then she made a movement with her hand and comebended Aangs seed out of her asshole and into her mouth. Mmmmmm, she said sexily, Ill never get over how good fresh come tastes. Bato looked over at Aang. Youre lucky you found our little Slut of the South, Avatar, he said. Aang nodded in agreement. Katara just giggled.

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