Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter Two: The Traditions of the Southern Water Tribe

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
Chapter Two: The Traditions of the Southern Water Tribe
Aang, Sokka, and Katara flew towards the Southern Air Temple in the Patola Mountain Range. Sokka and Katara were obviously excited about seeing an air nomad temple for the first time, but Aang couldn’t keep his mind off the previous night’s experience on the beach. He still didn’t know if it was real or if it had been a dream. When they landed at the Air Temple, the three travelers decided that before Aang would give Katara and Sokka a tour, they should split up and look for food to add to their stores. Aang went off to the north in search of supplies.

Aang didn’t have much luck in finding any food. As he returned to Appa to see if Katara and Sokka had found anything, he stopped suddenly as he heard a sound coming from the rocks to his left. He listened carefully. “Yeah, that’s it,” said a voice, “like that. Just like that.” Aang immediately recognized the voice as Sokka’s. His curiosity piqued, Aang tiptoed over to the rocks and carefully peered around them. What he saw made him give an involuntary little gasp.

Ten feet in front of him, Katara was naked on all fours, her head bobbing up and down on Sokka’s large cock as he laid spread eagle on the ground. During their fuck session last night, Aang hadn’t had a chance to appreciate Katara’s perfect ass. But now here it was, tan, shapely and smooth, sticking up in the air and wiggling back and forth a little as Katara sucked her brother’s eight and a half inch shaft with vigor. Her ass was the most beautiful thing Aang had ever seen, stuck up in the air like that with her tight little twat winking at him from in between perfectly shaped ass cheeks. The sight was so hot that Aang immediately pulled out his quickly hardening dick and began to stroke it. Somewhere in the back of his mind he realized that he was s witnessing incest and that bothered him a little, but right now he was too horny to care.

Aang watched Katara give Sokka a masterful blowjob for a solid five minutes while slowly stroking his member and listening to Sokka’s moans of pleasure. “Uuuuunnh, fuck yeah Katara, that’s it,” Sokka sighed. Aang was just starting to feel his orgasm coming on when Sokka’s head suddenly came up and his eyes made contact with Aang’s. Aang didn’t know what to do. He was caught. But Sokka just raised a hand in greeting. “Hey buddy,” he said. Katara stopped her ministrations on Sokka’s cock and looked around. “Hi Aang,” she said as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Aang’s face registering confusion and a little bit of shock. He finally was starting to realize the gravity of what he was seeing. Katara sucking Sokka’s dick? Her own brother?

Katara must have noticed the expression on Aang’s face and decided he deserved an explanation. “Listen, Aang,” she said, “in the Southern Water Tribe this isn’t considered strange or disgusting or anything at all. Where we come from, this is normal.” Aang raised an eyebrow. “It’s true,” chimed in Sokka, sitting up, “in our tribe there has always been a shortage of men compared to women, so family members fucking each other is common. In fact, it’s sort of a tradition. The first girl I ever fucked was Katara,” he said. “Yeah, I lost my virginity to Sokka,” said Katara, “I promise, Aang, it isn’t weird.” Aang walked out from behind the rock. Sokka continued to explain, “Last night I heard you two on the beach. I mean, who wouldn’t wake up to Katara’s moans? They were pretty loud.” Katara gave him a sexy little wink. Sokka went on, “I watched you fuck her, Aang, and I jacked off while I watched. It was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I decided I needed to fuck Katara soon. It’s been awhile since I’ve had her pussy. So, here we are.”

Aang was starting to understand. This wasn’t weird at all; it was just part of their culture. “I understand,” he said. Just then realized his dick was still hanging out and still semi-hard. He was just about to apologize for intruding and excuse himself so he could go rub one out while the image of Katara’s youthful ass was still fresh on his mind when Sokka dropped the bomb: “Do you want to join us?” he said. Aang’s head snapped up and he looked over at Katara. “Oh, yes,” she said in a sultry tone, “please, Aang. I’ve never had two at the same time.” Aang was only too happy to oblige and his package was already starting to grow rock hard again at the prospect of what was coming.

Sokka stood up and Aang walked over to Katara, who moved up onto her knees. “Ooooh, yes,” moaned Katara, “give me those hard cocks.” Aang and Sokka stuck their throbbing dicks out towards Katara’s face. She took Aang’s seven inches into her mouth and grabbed Sokka’s eight and a half with her hand. She licked and sucked all over Aang’s shaft while she stroked Sokka’s prick. Aang was in heaven; he had never been this turned on in his life. He couldn’t believe he was double teaming Katara with her brother of all people. Her warm, wet mouth felt incredible on his pulsing member. She would let her tongue lick all over the tip, and then she would give him one of her long deepthroats. Then Katara switched, letting Aang out of her mouth with a soft plopping sound and taking in Sokka. She grabbed Aang’s cock now and started to pump it with her soft delicate hands. Sokka and Aang were both moaning their approval. “Uuuuunh yeah, Katara,” moaned Aang. “Suck it, suck your big brother’s cock,” said Sokka. Katara moaned with a face full of dick. She continued to alternate between Aang and Sokka, licking and stroking, sucking and jerking, for a few more pleasure-filled minutes until Sokka said, “Time to fuck this bitch, Aang.”

Sokka reached over and pushed Katara onto her hands and knees. Aang sat down on the ground in front of her and grabbed her head, guiding her mouth onto his cock again. Katara started bobbing her head up and down on Aang’s shaft with pleasure. Sokka got onto his knees behind Katara and slapped her ass with his hand. “You ready for this, bitch?” he said. Katara moaned in the affirmative around her mouthful of Aang’s dick. Sokka licked two of his fingers and shoved them in Katara’s twat to loosen her up, but quickly realized it was unnecessary. Katara’s tight pussy was dripping wet and ready for a good pounding. Sokka grabbed his prick and directed it towards Katara’s waiting hole, then buried it in with one massive heave. Aang heard Katara gasp over his cock as Sokka big dick entered her waiting pussy. Sokka started to move his hips back and forth, slowly fucking Katara from behind and then picking up speed. “Mmmmmm, mmmmmm,” Katara sighed over and over. Aang grabbed Katara’s head with both hands and started to jack himself off with her mouth, bringing his hips up to meet her face. “Uuuuunh, yeah, Katara,” he moaned, “fuck!” Sokka’s thrusts were really pounding into Katara now and she was constantly giving a muffled moaned against Aang’s face-fucking. “It feels so good to be fucking you again, Katara!” shouted a triumphant Sokka.

After a few minutes, Aang pulled Katara’s head off of his glistening dick and pulled her away from Sokka’s relentlessly pounding shaft. He laid her down on her back and shoved her legs apart, then buried his cock into her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck yeah!” she yelled, “Fuck me hard, Avatar! Fuck my pussy good and hard!” Aang’s hips started to slam into her pelvis harder and harder, faster and faster. Sokka crawled over and swung one leg over Katara’s face so he was on all fours with his dick hanging down over her mouth. Katara grabbed his cock immediately and shoved it into her mouth, charging her head up and down on Sokka’s big dick. “Suck it, you fucking bitch,” he growled, “suck my cock!” Aang continued to slam into Katara’s pussy and with one hand reached down and rubbed Katara’s clit twice. That was all it took. Sokka’s dick popped out of Katara’s mouth and she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm overtook her and she came all over Aang’s cock. “AAAAAAAH, fuck yeah!” she yelled, “Yes! Yes! YES!” Sokka and Aang both stood up, Katara shuddering and shaking while her climax ran its course, moaning and whimpering on the ground. Sokka and Aang both started to pump their cocks furiously.

When Katara’s orgasm finally subsided, she opened her eyes and practically jumped up onto her knees. “Come all over my face, boys,” she begged, “please, please come on my face.” This was it. This was what Aang had been fantasizing about ever since he had met her. The fact that he was about to shoot his load all over Katara’s pretty face was the best thing that had ever happened to him. The fact that Sokka was joining in too just made it all the better. Katara reached out with both hands and started massaging his and Sokka’s balls while they jerked their dicks in her face. “I need it,” Katara moaned, “I need your hot come on my face. Give it to me!” Sokka was the first to come, shooting three spurts of thick white come all over Katara’s face and hair. “Fuck!” Sokka yelled. The sight put Aang over the edge and he came too. “Take it, bitch!” he shouted. Five ropes of warm come spurted out of his cock into Katara’s open mouth and plastered her beautiful features. Katara wiped all of the come off of her face and licked it off her fingers. “Mmmmm,” she said, “I love fresh come.” Then she made the curious hand movements Aang had seen before and comebended his and Sokka’s mixed seed out of her hair and into her mouth.

Aang looked over at Sokka. “I’m glad you guys are with me,” he said. Sokka laughed. “Me too,” he said, “this is going to be fun.”

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